GREEN is good for business!

Opting up to Acton Power Choice GREEN option means your business cares. By choosing to buy 100% of the electricity your business needs from clean, sustainable, renewable sources instead of from fossil fuels, you make a small investment that reaps big rewards for the health of our community, our environment, and our planet.

Now you can inspire others with your choice with the Acton Power Choice GREEN Business Badge!

The Acton Power Choice GREEN Business Badge says that your business has committed to using 100% renewable electricity and offers clear evidence to in-person and online visitors of your commitment to sustainability. Available as a high-quality, professionally designed adhesive badge and electronic file, the Acton Power Choice GREEN Business Badge can be placed on a public-facing window and on your business website.

Make it easy for customers to see that your business invests in the health of the community and the planet.

Lead by example and encourage other members of the Acton community to join you.

Show everyone how easy and important it is to commit to using 100% renewable electricity.

Who is eligible to display a badge: Anyone small, medium, or large business account enrolled in the Acton Power Choice GREEN option and receiving 100% renewable electricity through the program.

Verify your eligibility: The enrollment of your business account(s) in the Acton Power Choice GREEN option is required in order to display the adhesive window badge and/or the electronic file. To enable us to verify your enrollment, please send an email to Andrea Beccerra, Sustainability Director with the Town of Acton at with the following Eversource account information:

  • Eversource account number
  • Name on account as it appears on the bill
  • Account service address
  • Your name
  • Your contact email and phone number