Welcome to the Cambridge Community Electricity program, a City electricity program that increases the amount of renewable energy in your electricity and offers the potential for savings on the supplier services portion of your Eversource electric bill.

NEW! Get the key facts about the program from Cambridge Energy Alliance Outreach Director Meghan Shaw in this brief, easy-to-understand video. Watch the video.

The program is an electricity aggregation, a form of group purchasing in which a city or town uses the bulk buying power of the entire community to negotiate an electricity supply price for everyone. With the Cambridge Community Electricity program, Eversource will continue to deliver electricity to Cambridge, but the City will now use a competitive bid process to choose its own electricity supplier. To launch the program, Cambridge has signed an 18-month contract with Agera Energy that will be in effect from July 2017 meter reads until January 2019 meter reads.

New clean-energy choices

The program offers two cleaner-energy alternatives to Eversource Basic Service and to electricity supply offers in the marketplace:

  • Standard Green: The default offering. Provides 25% more solar energy than required by the state, all coming from projects located in or near Cambridge. Eversource Basic Service customers will be automatically enrolled in Standard Green.
  • 100% Green: An option. Provides 100% renewable energy, all from renewable energy projects located in New England. You may choose 100% Green by calling Agera Energy at 1-888-589-7790.

Participating in the program

All Eversource Basic Service customers will be automatically enrolled in the Cambridge Community Electricity program, unless they choose to opt out.

If you already have an agreement with an electricity supplier, you will not be automatically enrolled, but you can join the program with a phone call. To join, call Agera Energy at 1-888-589-7790 and ask to be enrolled.

If you participate, the program price will apply to your electricity use beginning in July 2017, and you will see two changes on your Eversource electric bill beginning in August 2017:

  • Agera Energy will be listed as your electricity supplier
  • The program price will be used to calculate the supplier services portion of your bill.

Otherwise, your primary relationship for electricity will remain with Eversource. This means:

  • You will continue to receive one bill from Eversource. This is the only electric bill you will receive as a participant in the program.
  • You will continue to call Eversource if your power goes out. Eversource will continue to deliver electricity, restore service after an outage, and maintain the poles and wires.
  • If you receive net metering credits on your Eversource bill from solar panels, those will continue to be calculated on the Eversource Basic Service rate, not on the program rate.
  • If you are eligible for a low-income discount, you will continue to receive that discount.

If you do not wish to participate

You may opt out of the program before being automatically enrolled or any time after enrollment with no penalty. If you choose to opt out, Eversource will continue to be your electricity supplier, and the supplier portion of your electric bill will remain on the Eversource Basic Service rate.

You may opt out online or by calling Agera Energy at 1-888-589-7790.

An important note about savings: The program price will be lower than Eversource Basic Service at program launch (the Eversource price is increasing in July, and the program price will be below the increased price). However, the program price is fixed, while Eversource supply prices fluctuate. As a result, the program price may not always be below Eversource. The program goal is to deliver savings when compared with the average of Eversource’s changing prices.

If You Receive a Personal Call or a Visit about Your Electricity

That person does not represent the City of Cambridge or the Cambridge Community Electricity Program. The City is not knocking on doors or making individual sales phone calls. The City recently sent a letter to residents and businesses eligible for automatic enrollment with detailed program information.

If you receive a call or a visit from someone who wants to discuss your electricity, here are three things to keep in mind:

  • The person you are speaking with is not associated with the City of Cambridge or the Cambridge Community Electricity program.
  • You should treat your Eversource account number like you treat your credit card information. Do not give it out unless you want to purchase your electricity from someone else.
  • You do have the right to select an electricity supplier of your choice. If you choose to explore this option, please check the terms of the agreement carefully. Things to check for include: minimum bill amounts, contract length requirements, early termination fees, low introductory rates that change after the introductory period ends, and rates that vary.