Our community-focused approach

Our community-focused approach to aggregation gives you a program that reflects the people, the businesses, and the priorities of your community.

Because our staff is firmly seated in Massachusetts with offices in both the eastern and western parts of the state, we are available regularly for in-person meetings and participation in community events.

The three core elements of our community-focused approach include:

1. A program plan and pricing that are fine-tuned for your community

We work with you to craft an aggregation plan that reflects your community’s priorities, not the priorities of a group of communities. And we make sure that plan gives you the greatest amount of flexibility so that as you priorities evolve, your aggregation can, too.

We can also move your plan quickly through the Massachusetts regulatory process because it will not be tied to the progress of any other community. Our team includes a former Massachusetts energy commissioner and regulatory attorney with extensive experience in front of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, which means we understand the regulatory process like no one else.

When it is time to sign a contract with an electricity supplier, you decide the price you want to pay, the length of contract you want to sign, and the amount of renewable energy you want to include. You also get your own price, which means you avoid the cross-subsidies that can come with a group procurement effort. We make sure you never pay more so that another community can pay less.

2. Comprehensive public education and engagement efforts

Municipal aggregation can be a complex, confusing topic. And your program will likely have to compete for attention with myriad, sometimes aggressive, other electricity supply offers that are received by residents and businesses alike.

Our public education and engagement efforts build enthusiasm and trust by positioning your program clearly as a vetted, trustworthy choice:

  • We develop an outreach plan that begins during the program planning process and well in advance of program launch. As part of that, we make ourselves available to engage in person and as often as is needed with municipal staff and community groups to explain the program and begin building interest and excitement. That even includes participating in farmers markets, movie nights, energy fairs, and other community events.
  • We take an educational tone in all of our presentations and materials. You won’t hear bold claims about savings that can’t be supported or confusing language about the benefits – and limits – of your program. We communicate honestly and openly without pressure.
  • We put you in front by clearly branding all materials with community branding. We customize our suite of outreach materials with your town seal, your logos, your colors.

3. Professional support for the duration of your program

We provide a polished, patient, and local customer support team that knows your program inside and out. Our team lives and works in Massachusetts. Not only do they address questions by phone and email, but they also participate in person in public information sessions in your community, so everyone can see and meet the voices on the other end of the phone.

Both our support team and the full complement of our staff remain available for the entire length of our engagement with your community. Starting with when you sign the contract, through the planning process and program launch, and for the duration your program is up and running, we provide:

  • Access to our customer support team for the public, both as an initial point of contact as well as an escalation resource for issues with the electricity supplier
  • Oversight of your electricity supplier’s ongoing enrollment of new program participants
  • Regular check-ins with your electricity supplier to uncover and address any potential issues early
  • Regular reporting on program progress
  • Support for municipal efforts to maintain or increase program visibility on an ongoing basis