Green aggregation

More renewable energy for everyone

Increasingly, communities in Massachusetts recognize that a green aggregation offers a powerful tool for achieving sustainability goals, in addition to providing price stability and the potential for savings.

A green aggregation increases the renewable energy content of your entire community’s electricity supply by including additional renewable energy in the default program offering (the program offering everyone is automatically enrolled into).¬†Your community decides how much and what kind of additional renewable energy to include.

A green aggregation can:

  • Significantly reduce your community’s carbon footprint
  • Encourage the development of more renewable energy in New England
  • Support local jobs and local industry

Integrate local renewable energy projects

If you have a local solar or wind project, your aggregation gives you a way to integrate the electricity it produces into your city or town electricity supply. Specifically, your aggregation can purchase the RECs (renewable energy certificates) from renewable energy projects located in or near your community.

Most electricity suppliers that serve aggregations are willing to purchase these local RECs, provided they are offered at a market price and provided someone helps them to negotiate their purchase.

We have experience helping to negotiate these local purchases for multiple communities. We would be happy to help your community to say it uses the electricity it produces.