Enrollment information

Most new new electricity accounts on Nantucket will be AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the Nantucket PowerChoice program within a few months of opening, unless you opt out of the program. This automatic enrollment model is state law.

You will receive a notification letter in the mail from the Town about the program prior to enrollment. The letter will include information about the program, options in the program, and prices, as well as information about how to opt out of the program if you do not wish to participate.

If you…

…are not currently enrolled and wish to participate

Please submit your enrollment information online or call customer support with the Town’s program consultants at 1-844-241-8598

…asked National Grid to place a block on your account to prevent enrollment with electricity suppliers

The block will prevent automatic enrollment, even if you receive the notification letter. To participate in Nantucket PowerChoice, you must first ask National Grid to remove the block. Once the block has been removed, you may then request enrollment in Nantucket PowerChoice.

…have signed a contract with an electricity supplier shortly after opening your electricity account

Your account will not be automatically enrolled, and you will not receive a notification letter. However you may choose to enroll your account in Nantucket PowerChoice by submitting your enrollment information online or by calling customer support with the Town’s program consultants at 1-844-241-8598.

Please note: We recommend that you carefully check the terms and conditions of your supplier agreement. Your ability to terminate your agreement with your supplier may be restricted. If you decide to enroll, be sure your current electricity supplier knows that you wish to cancel your contract with them so they do not renew your relationship with them.

…previously opted out and now wish to enroll

Please note that you may not receive the Nantucket PowerChoice price. The electricity supplier is entitled to charge you a market price for the remainder of the current electricity supply contract, but you would receive the Nantucket PowerChoice price for any future electricity supply contracts.