Notice of public hearing

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities will conduct a virtual public hearing to receive comments on Northborough’s request for approval of a municipal aggregation plan. The Department will conduct the hearing using Zoom videoconferencing on June 25, 2024, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Attendees can join by entering the link, https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86325957987, from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. No prior software download is required. For audio-only access to the hearings, attendees can dial in at (305) 224-1968 (not toll free) and then enter the Meeting ID# 863 2595 7987. If you anticipate providing comments via Zoom during the public hearing, to the extent possible, please send an email by the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on Monday, June 24, 2024, to timothy.m.federico@mass.gov with your name, email address, and mailing address.

Alternatively, any person who desires to comment on this matter may submit written comments to the Department via email no later than the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on Monday, June 24, 2024.

Download the complete Notice of Filing, Request for Comments, and Public Hearing. (PDF)

The Town of Northborough is developing a consumer-friendly electricity program called Northborough Power Choice. The program is an electricity aggregation, which is a kind of group electricity purchasing program for Northborough residents and businesses.  

Through Northborough Power Choice, the Town will use its collective buying power to provide new electricity choices that give Northborough electricity customers greater control over the price and environmental impact of the electricity they use. While Northborough Power Choice will not be able to guarantee lower prices compared with National Grid’s Basic Service prices, the Town is committed to working toward providing prices that are competitive and stable for the long term.

In launching Northborough Power Choice, Northborough will join more than 170 other cities and towns in Massachusetts with similar programs. Northborough is targeting 2025 for program launch.

Aggregation documents

Before launching the program, the Town must develop an Aggregation Plan and submit it to state regulators for review and approval. A public presentation was delivered about the draft Aggregation Plan for Northborough Power Choice on February 12, 2024, and the Plan and sample Opt-Out Mailing Materials were made available for public comment from February 12 until March 13, 2024. They remain available for public review below.

In addition, hard copies of the draft Aggregation Documents are available from the Town of Northborough Clerk’s Office, the Library, and the Senior Center.

New electricity choices

Northborough Power Choice will give electricity customers in Northborough new electricity choices, including choices for buying more electricity from renewable sources.

Stable electricity prices

Northborough Power Choice will provide long-term electricity supply prices that will not change seasonally. The program also has the potential to provide savings when compared with National Grid’s Basic Service prices, but because National Grid’s Basic Service prices change and future prices are not known, savings cannot be guaranteed.

Consumer protections

Northborough Power Choice is being designed to protect Northborough consumers. The program will have no hidden fees, and you will have the freedom to opt out of the program at any time with no penalty.

Details such as prices and the program launch date will be determined after Northborough’s Aggregation Plan receives approval from state regulators. Learn about the implementation process.

How electricity aggregation works

Through Northborough Power Choice, Northborough will choose its own electricity supplier and establish a Northborough price for the Supply Services charge on participants’ electric bills. However, Northborough Power Choice will not replace National Grid as Northborough’s electric utility. If you choose to participate:

  • National Grid will continue to deliver your electricity with no interruption, and you will continue to call National Grid if your power goes out.
  • National Grid will continue to send your electric bill, and that is the only electric bill you will receive. But on your bill, National Grid will use a Northborough Power Choice price to calculate your Supply Services charge.
  • You will see no change to any discounts or credits that you receive from National Grid, such as a low-income discount or fuel assistance.

Enrollment will be automatic for most electricity customers in Northborough (though not for customers who have already signed a private electricity supply contract). If your account is eligible for automatic enrollment, you will receive a notification in the mail from the Town with details like pricing and program options before being enrolled. If you have a private electricity supply contract, you may choose to participate, and enrolling will be an easy process. However, you are encouraged to check with your current supplier before making any change as you may be subject to early termination fees.

Participation is not required. The automatic enrollment model is state law for all municipal electricity programs like Northborough Power Choice, but you will be able to opt out before being enrolled and any time after enrollment with no penalty.

Learn more about how aggregation works
Read the FAQ

Changes to your bill

Northborough Power Choice will be integrated into your existing National Grid electric bill. You will see only minor changes to the way your electric bill appears.

To understand how the program will appear on your National Grid bill, see an example bill.

Protect your electricity account number

National Grid will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electric bill.
Only provide your account number if you are ready to change your electricity supplier.