Example Eversource bill

This page helps you to find Chelsea Electricity Choice on your bill. Use the calculator to compare the cost of participating in Chelsea Electricity Choice vs. Eversource’s Basic Service.

Your Eversource electric bill is calculated by adding two charges together:

  • Delivery charge – The cost to deliver electricity to you, maintain the poles and wires, and address power outages.
  • Supply charge – The cost of the electricity you use.

Chelsea Electricity Choice will impact only the Supply charge on your Eversource electric bill. Eversource’s Delivery charge will not be impacted by your participation in Chelsea Electricity Choice.

As a participant in Chelsea Electricity Choice, you will see two key changes on your Eversource electric bill:

  1. Chelsea’s electricity supplier will be listed on your bill as your electricity supplier.
  2. Eversource will use a Chelsea Electricity Choice price to calculate the Supply charge on your electric bill instead of their own Basic Service price.

Here’s what to look for on your Eversource bill:

Page 1 of your bill:

Your electricity supplier is listed on the first page of your bill.

If you are enrolled in Chelsea Electricity Choice, you will see Chelsea’s electricity supplier listed as your electricity supplier, followed by their contact information. While we recommend contacting customer support with the City’s consultants for help with the program, you may also contact Chelsea’s electricity supplier directly if you wish.

Page 1 Eversource bill example illustrating supply and delivery charges and electricity supplier contact information. The charges and the supplier information are found under Current Charges for Electricity.

Page 2 of your bill:

The price that is used to calculate your Supply charge (your electricity supply price) is on the second page of your bill.

Look below the Supplier header and find the row labeled Generation Srvc Chrg.

Look to the right to the math problem. This is the calculation for your electricity Supply charge.

  • The first number is the amount of electricity you used in the previous billing cycle.
  • The second number is your electricity supply price. That price will be a Chelsea Electricity Choice price. The program will have options, and each option will have a different price.

Page 2 Eversource bill example illustrating where to find your supply price. Your supply price is found under Total Charges for Electricity and over your delivery charges.