The Town of Hopkinton is developing a plan for a consumer-friendly electricity program called Hopkinton Power Choice. The program is an electricity aggregation, which is a type of group electricity buying program. Hopkinton Power Choice will give you:

  • Greater control over the cost and environmental impact of the electricity you buy.
  • Three new options for the Supply portion of your Eversource bill.
  • Stable and competitive prices with the potential for savings compared with Eversource’s prices, though Eversource’s Basic Service prices change seasonally, so savings compared with Eversource cannot be guaranteed.

In launching Hopkinton Power Choice, Hopkinton will join more than 200 other Massachusetts communities with similar programs. And when you participate in Hopkinton Power Choice, you’ll join tens of thousands of other electricity customers across Massachusetts in working towards a more sustainable future.

Public comments accepted

Hopkinton Power Choice must receive regulatory approval from the state before the program can launch. To ensure transparency in the program development process, the draft documents for Hopkinton Power Choice will be available for public review and comment from [DATE] until [DATE].

  • Draft Aggregation Plan (PDF)
  • Sample Opt-Out Mailing Materials (PDF)

In addition, hard copies of the draft documents are available from the Town of Hopkinton’s Clerk’s Office (18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA). Hopkinton residents and business owners are encouraged to review the documents and submit written comments:

  • Via email: [EMAIL]
  • Via US mail: [ADDRESS] Comments sent by mail must be received (not postmarked) by the end of the comment period in order to be addressed.

An overview of Hopkinton’s draft Aggregation Plan will be presented [DATE]. Information for participating can be found [WHERE?].

Cleaner electricity

Hopkinton Power Choice participants will automatically receive more electricity from renewable sources (like the sun and the wind) than is required by state law, though the specific amount is still to be determined.

Stable prices

Hopkinton Power Choice will aim to provide long-term electricity supply prices and protection from seasonal price spikes.

Consumer protections

Hopkinton Power Choice is being designed to protect Hopkinton consumers. The program will have no hidden fees, and you will have the freedom to opt out of, or leave, the program at any time with no penalty.

Details such as prices, how much renewable electricity will be included, and when the program will launch will be determined after Hopkinton’s Aggregation Plan receives approval from state regulators. Learn about the implementation process.

How electricity aggregation works

Through Hopkinton Power Choice, Hopkinton can determine the amount of renewable energy in the community’s electricity supply and lock in an electricity supply price. Hopkinton Power Choice will replace our electricity supplier, but it will not replace Eversource as Hopkinton’s electric utility, and as a participant, you will remain an Eversource customer as you are now.

Most Hopkinton electricity customers will be automatically enrolled (except those with existing private electricity supply contracts), which is state law. However, participation is not required. You are free to opt out of the program at any time with no fee or penalty.

Learn more about how aggregation works
Read the FAQ

Example Eversource bill

Hopkinton Power Choice will be integrated into your existing Eversource electric bill. You will see only minor changes to the way your electric bill appears.

To understand how the program will appear on your bill, see an example bill.

Protect your electricity account number

Eversource will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electric bill.
Only provide your account number if you are ready to change your electricity supplier.