Walpole Power Choice

The Town of Walpole is developing a plan for an electricity aggregation program called the Walpole Power Choice program.

Electricity aggregation is form of group purchasing in which a city or town selects an electricity supplier on behalf of its residents and businesses.

This means Eversource will continue to deliver electricity to Walpole, but Walpole will now use a competitive bid process to choose its own electricity supplier. Your Eversource bill will show a change in electricity supply charges, but delivery charges will be unaffected.

Program benefits will include:

  • Cost savings: The program goal is to beat the average of Eversource’s Basice Service summer and winter rates
  • Price stability: The program will seek to provide a steady, year-round price for electricity supply without the seasonal volatility of Basic Service prices
  • Greener power cost effectively: A green option will give you a choice in how much renewable energy is included in your electricity supply
  • Transparency: The program will provide a vetted, transparent alternative to Basic Service with public terms and no hidden costs or fees

What you will see and experience

Eversource Basic Service customers, both residential and commercial, will be automatically enrolled. If you have already established your own contract with an electricity supplier, you will not be automatically enrolled, but you may choose to join the program if you wish.

As a program participant, you will see two changes on your Eversource electricity bill:

  1. A new price for the electricity supply portion of your bill
  2. The name of the electricity supplier selected by the town in place of Eversource Basic Service

What will not change:

  • You will continue to receive one bill from Eversource
  • Eversource will continue to deliver electricity, restore service after an outage, and maintain the poles and wires
  • Net metering will remain the same
  • Budget billing and low-income discounts will remain the same

If you do not wish to participate

If you do not wish to participate in Walpole Power Choice, you will have the freedom to opt out of the program before it launches and remain with Eversource Basic Service. After program launch, you may can continue to opt out at any time with no penalty. Details on opting out will be provided closer to program launch.

Program implementation schedule

The Eversource Power Choice program plan has completed its review by the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Resources (DOER). The plan is currently being reviewed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU). Their approval process is likely to take a couple months. Once the DPU has approved the plan, Walpole can issue an RFP for an electricity supplier.

Program details such as price and renewable energy content will be determined when the electricity supplier contract is signed. Approximately one month before program launch, program details will be publicized through a community education effort, which will include:

  • An informational letter – mailed to every eligible participant. This letter will include details on pricing, renewable energy content, and how to opt out.
  • Detailed information on the program web page
  • Public information sessions
  • Customer support by phone and email

The target launch is early 2017.

Learn more

To learn more now, read the draft aggregation plan (PDF) and the FAQ.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Town consultants, Peregrine Energy Group, through the customer support page or by calling 1-844-483-5004. They are helping Walpole to plan and implement the program, and they provide customer support. They will be happy to answer any questions about how the program will work.