Valley Green Energy is a regional energy services program known as an electricity aggregation, which is a kind of group electricity buying program for cities and towns with no hidden fees or penalties. Valley Green Energy is administered by the Town of Amherst, the City of Northampton, and the Town of Pelham. The purpose of Valley Green Energy is to contract on behalf of consumers for a supply of electricity.

Participating in Valley Green Energy changes the Supply price on your utility electric bill, which is the part of the bill where you are charged for the electricity you use. Through the program, residents and businesses in member communities will have new choices and greater control over the cost and environmental impact of the electricity they use. Though Valley Green Energy will not be able to guarantee savings compared with Eversource’s or National Grid’s Basic Service prices, the communities are committed to working toward competitive and stable prices.

In launching Valley Green Energy, Amherst, Northampton, and Pelham will join nearly 200 other cities and towns in Massachusetts with similar programs.

Valley Green Energy received regulatory approval in April and is targeting a fall 2024 launch.

Documents submitted for regulatory review

Valley Green Energy must receive regulatory approval from the state before the program can launch. The following documents were made available to the public for comment from June 1 through June 30, 2023. They were submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities for review and approval on October 13, 2023.


Cleaner electricity

Valley Green Energy participants will automatically receive more electricity from renewable sources (like the sun and the wind) than is required by state law, though the specific amount is still to be determined.

Stable prices

Valley Green Energy will aim to provide stable, long-term electricity supply prices. The program also has the potential to provide savings when compared with the average of Eversource’s or National Grid’s Basic Service prices, but because the utilities’ Basic Service prices change and future prices are not known, savings cannot be guaranteed.

Consumer protections

Valley Green Energy is being designed to protect consumers. The program will include no hidden fees, and you will have the freedom to opt out of the program at any time with no penalty.

Details such as prices, how much renewable electricity will be included, and when the program will launch will be determined after the Valley Green Energy Aggregation Plan receives approval from state regulators. Learn about the implementation process.

How electricity aggregation works

Through Valley Green Energy, member communities will work together to determine the amount of renewable energy in their electricity supply and secure an electricity supply price. However, Valley Green Energy will not replace Eversource or National Grid as the communities’ electric utility. If you choose to participate:

  • Your utility will continue to deliver your electricity with no interruption.
  • You will continue to call your utility if your power goes out.
  • Your utility will continue to send your electric bill, and that is the only electric bill you will receive.
  • Your utility will use a Valley Green Energy price to calculate your Supply charge on your bill.
  • You will see no change to any discounts or credits that you receive from your utility.

Example Eversource and National Grid bills

Valley Green Energy will be integrated into your existing Eversource or National Grid electric bill, and you will see only minor changes to the way your electric bill appears.

To understand how the program will appear on your bill, view an example bill:

Protect your electricity account number

Eversource and National Grid will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electric bill.
Only provide your electricity account number if you are ready to change your electricity supplier.