Current energy mix disclosure label

This document is prepared and periodically updated by the program’s electricity supplier. It provides detail on the energy mix for all program options. Because these documents are updated only periodically, the currently available document may be for an earlier period of time. Download the most recent energy mix disclosure label. (PDF)

Approved aggregation plan

To implement the Cambridge Community Electricity Program, the City had to develop an aggregation plan and submit that plan to a state regulatory approval process. The plan was approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities on 4/27/17 and a final version created with their required edits on 5/11/17. Download the plan. (PDF)

Electricity supply contract

Below is the most current contract for the Cambridge Community Electricity Program:

January 2021 – January 2024 meter reads – Direct Energy (PDF)

Previous electricity supply contracts:

January 2019 – January 2021 meter reads – Direct Energy (PDF)
July 2017 – January 2019 meter reads – Agera Energy (PDF)

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (D.P.U.) Basic Service pricing information

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (D.P.U.) provides an Electric Industry Overview webpage that includes an explanation of what Basic Service pricing is and what the components of the price are. On this page, you can also download an Excel spreadsheet that includes the current Basic Service prices for all Massachusetts utilities. Follow this link directly to the Basic Service part of this webpage.