Hopkinton Power Choice Benefits

Using the group buying power of our community, Hopkinton Power Choice will provide Hopkinton residents and businesses with:

Cleaner electricity

As a participant in Hopkinton Power Choice, you will automatically receive more electricity from renewable sources (like the sun and the wind) than is required by state law, though the specific amount is still to be determined. And you will have the option to buy all of your electricity from renewable sources if you wish.


New electricity choices 

Hopkinton Power Choice will provide three new choices for the Supply part of your electric bill, including two cleaner choices, giving you greater control over the price and environmental impact of the electricity you buy.


Consumer protections

Hopkinton Power Choice is being designed with consumer protections. Chief among them, the program will have no hidden fees, and you will have the freedom to opt out of, or leave, the program at any time with no penalty. This feature makes the program different from many private electricity supply contracts, which may include minimum participation periods and early-termination fees.


Stable prices with the potential to save

Hopkinton Power Choice will provide long-term electricity supply prices, which can protect you from seasonal electricity price spikes. The program can also provide savings compared with Eversource’s Basic Service price. According to a report by UMass Amherst, the majority of communities with aggregation programs see some savings. However, because Hopkinton Power Choice will offer long-term fixed prices, and Eversource’s prices change every six months or less, savings compared with Eversource cannot be guaranteed.