Your National Grid bill 

Hubbardston Community Power will be integrated into your existing National Grid electric bill.

  • Your Electricity Supply charge will be impacted by Hubbardston Community Power. Electricity Supply is the part of the bill where you pay for the electricity you use. National Grid makes no profit from the Electricity Supply part of your bill.
  • Your Delivery Services charges will not be impacted by Hubbardston Community Power. Delivery Services is the part of the bill where you pay National Grid to deliver your electricity and maintain the poles and wires. National Grid makes their profit from the Delivery Services part of your bill.

You will not see any additional charges on your National Grid electric bill or receive any additional electric bills because of participating in Hubbardston Community Power.

Where to look on your bill:

Look for the Supply Services section at the bottom of the first page of the top of the second page.

  • Hubbardston’s electricity supplier will appear as your electricity supplier.
  • National Grid will use a Hubbardston Community Power price to calculate the Electricity Supply charge.