How aggregation works

Municipal electricity aggregation is a kind of group electricity buying program for a city or town:

  • The town buys electricity from an electricity supplier that it chooses instead of from National Grid and locks in long-term pricing.
  • You receive a new price for the Electricity Supply charge on your National Grid electric bill.
  • National Grid remains Hubbardston’s electric utility and continues to deliver your electricity, address power outages, and handle all billing as it does now.

Aggregation is possible because in Massachusetts we can choose our electricity supplier, which is the company that puts electricity on the grid for us. But we have no choice in our electric delivery utility. If you live in Hubbardston, National Grid is your electric delivery utility no matter what.

Municipal electricity aggregation was enabled by the Massachusetts Restructuring Act of 1997 (Chapter 164, Section 134), and it is regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Low-income discount or fuel assistance
If you are eligible for a low-income discount or fuel assistance, you will continue to receive your discount with no change.
Solar credits or payments
If you have solar panels on your property or you participate in a community solar program, you will continue to receive credits and/or incentive payments with no change.
Program options and prices
Hubbardston intends to offer two options in the program, including a 100% renewable energy option. Prices will be known shortly before launch.

Before aggregation

Before an aggregation launches, most customers have National Grid’s Basic Service. This means National Grid is supplying (buying) your electricity in addition to delivering it, and National Grid uses their Basic Service price to calculate the Electricity Supply charge on your bill. You are placed on National Grid’s Basic Service when you first open your account, and you can always go back to it.

National Grid’s Basic Service prices change seasonally, ever 6 months or less.

With an aggregation in place

In the diagram below, an electricity supplier chosen by the Town is supplying electricity, but National Grid continues to deliver it without interruption. National Grid uses the price provided by that electricity supplier to calculate the Electricity Supply charge on your bill instead of their Basic Service price.

Hubbardston Community Power prices will be fixed for 12 months or more. They may also be lower than National Grid’s prices, but because National Grid’s prices change and we don’t know their future prices, savings compared with National Grid cannot be guaranteed.

Savings cannot be guaranteed

Hubbardston Community Power offers the potential for modest savings compared with National Grid’s Basic Service price.

However, Hubbardston commits to a long-term fixed-price contract, while National Grid’s prices change regularly and future prices are unknown.
While the town aims for competitive prices, savings compared to National Grid cannot be guaranteed.

If you are not happy, you are always free to leave the program at any time with no fee or penalty.