Hubbardston Community Power Benefits

Launching Hubbardston Community Power will provide residents and businesses in our community with important benefits, such as:

New electricity choices and more control

Hubbardston Community Power will provide two new choices for the Electricity Supply part of your bill, including the choice to buy all of your electricity from renewable sources if you wish, which will give you greater control over the price and environmental impact of the electricity you buy.


Stable electricity prices

Hubbardston Community Power will offer long-term prices for the Electricity Supply part of your bill, meaning they are fixed for a year or more. In comparison, National Grid’s Basic Service prices change every 6 months or less, which exposes you to seasonal spikes in electricity prices. Participating in Hubbardston Community Power will make your Electricity Supply price predictable and stable and will protect you from those seasonal price spikes.


Consumer protections

Hubbardston Community Power is being designed with consumer protections. Chief among them, the program will have no hidden fees, and you will have the freedom to opt out of, or leave, the program at any time with no penalty. This feature makes the program different from many private electricity supply contracts, which may include minimum participation periods and early-termination fees.


Potential for savings

Through Hubbardston Community Power, you may also get a price that is lower than National Grid’s Basic Service price. Most programs like Hubbardston Community Power are able to provide some modest savings to their participants when the program price is compared with the average of National Grid’s changing prices. However, because National Grid’s prices change seasonally, the Town cannot guaranteed that program prices will always be lower, and it is normal for prices to sometimes be lower.