The Town of Hubbardston is developing a plan for a consumer-friendly electricity program called Hubbardston Community Power. The program is a municipal electricity aggregation, which is a type of group electricity buying program from a Town for its residents and businesses.

In launching Hubbardston Community Power, our community will join more than 200 other Massachusetts cities and towns with similar programs.

Details like pricing and the program launch date will be determined after Hubbardston’s Aggregation Plan receives approval from state regulators. Hubbardston is targeting 2025 for program launch. Learn about the implementation process.

Public comments accepted

The draft Hubbardston Community Power Aggregation Plan and associated documents are available for public review and comment from [DATE] until [DATE].

An overview of Hubbardston’s draft Aggregation Plan will be presented [DATE]. Information for participating can be found [WHERE?].

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Benefits for our town

Using the group buying power of our community, Hubbardston Community Power will provide Hubbardston residents and businesses with:

  • New electricity choices
  • Stable electricity supply prices
  • Consumer protections

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A familiar electric bill

Hubbardston Community Power will be integrated into your existing National Grid electric bill, and it will give you a new price for your Electricity Supply charge. But you will not see any additional or new charges on your bill because of partipating in the program.

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No interruption in service

Through Hubbardston Community Power, the Town will select its own electricity supplier (the company that puts electricity on the grid for us) and will lock in a long-term price for the Electricity Supply charge on our bills. But National Grid will remain Hubbardston’s electric utility and will continue to deliver our electricity, address power outages, and handle all billing with no interruption.

How aggregation works

Aggregation simplified

Protect your electricity account number

National Grid will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electric bill.
Only provide your account number if you are ready to change your electricity supplier.