How aggregation works

Municipal electricity aggregation is a form of group electricity purchasing. Electricity aggregation replaces your electricity supplier, and it changes the price that Eversource uses to calculate the supply services charges on your electricity bill. In addition, aggregation can increase the amount of renewable energy in your electricity supply. But electricity aggregation does not replace Eversource as your electric utility.

Here’s how it works:

Without Lexington’s Community Choice Program

(Unless you already have a contract with an electricity supplier)

Typically, Eversource provides two services to you as an electricity customer, and your electricity bill includes charges for both of these services:

Electricity delivery

Eversource’s primary role is as an electricity delivery company. They deliver electricity to you, maintain the poles and wires, and address power outages. They charge you for these services on the delivery part of your Eversource electricity bill.

Electricity supply

For most people, Eversource also provides a second service, which is as an electricity supplier. They purchase electricity on your behalf and charge you on the supply part of your Eversource electricity bill for the amount you use. When Eversource is your electricity supplier, you have Eversource’s Basic Service. When you first open your electricity account, you are placed on Eversource’s Basic Service.

Without Lexington's Community Choice Program, Eversource both delivers your electricity and also suppliers it (buys it for you).  You receive the electricity.

Eversource’s fixed Basic Service prices change seasonally, every 6 months for residential and small business customers and every 3 months for large business customers, and future prices are not known.

With Lexington’s Community Choice Program

In an electricity aggregation like Lexington’s Community Choice Program, Eversource continues to deliver your electricity and you continue to call them when the power goes out, but you no longer have Eversource’s Basic Service for the supply portion of your electricity bill.  Instead, the Town of Lexington uses the bulk purchasing power of the community to negotiate a contract with an electricity supplier on behalf of residents and businesses and to determine the price of the community’s electricity supply and whether any additional renewable electricity is included. If you participate in Lexington’s Community Choice Program, Eversource uses the Lexington price to calculate the supply portion of your electricity bill instead of their own Basic Service price.

With Lexington's Community Choice Program, an electricity supplier selected by Lexington buys cleaner electricity for you, Eversource continues to deliver your electricity, and you continue to receive electricity with no interruption.

Lexington’s Community Choice Program price is a fixed long-term price that does not change seasonally.

What changes with the program

If you participate, you will see two changes on your Eversource electricity bill beginning the month after you enroll:

  1. Lexington’s electricity supplier, Constellation, will be listed on your bill as your electricity supplier
  2. Eversource will use Lexington’s Community Choice Program price to calculate the supply charge portion of your electricity bill instead of their own Basic Service price.

View an example Eversource bill.

Otherwise, your primary relationship for electricity will remain with Eversource. This means:

  • You will continue to receive one bill from Eversource. This is the only electricity bill you will receive as a participant in Lexington’s Community Choice Program.
  • You will continue to call Eversource if your power goes out. Eversource will continue to deliver electricity, restore electricity service after a power outage, and maintain the poles and wires.
  • If you receive net metering credits from solar panels on your Eversource bill, those will continue to be calculated using Eversource’s Basic Service price, not using the Lexington Community Choice Program price.
  • If you are eligible for a low-income discount, you will continue to receive that discount.

Participating in the program

All new electricity customers in Lexington will be automatically enrolled in Lexington’s Community Choice Program within a few months of opening the account. The automatic enrollment model is state law.

You will receive a notification in mail from the Town of Lexington before being automatically enrolled with information about the program. If you do not wish to participate, you may opt out before being automatically enrolled or any time after enrollment, with no penalty. If you choose to opt out, Eversource will continue to be your electricity supplier, and Eversource will use their own Basic Service price to calculate the supply portion of your electricity bill.

Learn how to enroll if you will not be automatically enrolled.