Why opt up to 100% Green

With Watertown Electricity Choice 100% Green, you will receive 100% renewable electricity, and it will all be from “premium” renewable energy projects in the New England region (MA Class I RECs). This New England focus makes Watertown’s 100% Green option different from most other 100% renewable energy offers you will see in the marketplace.

Where other offers typically supply renewable energy from outside of New England at a steep markup, Watertown’s 100% Green option gives you renewable energy from within the New England power grid, which means your choice has a local impact.

Buying local matters when it comes to renewable energy.

By choosing 100% Green and 100% renewable electricity from New England, you will make an important contribution to:

  • Reducing Watertown’s greenhouse gas emissions, because you are buying electricity from the local grid
  • Creating demand for more renewable energy on our local power grid, which helps to drive the development of new renewable energy projects here in New England.
  • Supporting local renewable energy businesses and the jobs that go with them.
  • Reducing local air pollution.

100% Green from Watertown Electricity Choice offers additional benefits:

  • A fixed price that will not change until December 2023.
  • Consumer protections, including the ability to opt out or change from one option to another at any time with no fee or penalty.