Use the calculator below to compare your electricity supply costs to those of National Grid’s Basic Service costs, as well as to quantify the environmental benefits of participating in the Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program.

Please note: Your electricity distribution costs (the cost to bring electricity to your home or business) are determined by National Grid and will not be affected by participating in the program.

To use the calculator, find your monthly electricity use on your National Grid bill and enter it into the box below (kWh).

(Enter the number of kWh you use in a month)

Costs and Benefits for the Green Worcester ElectriCITY aggregation program

Worcester Standard Green (default)
30% from premium renewable sources in New England in addition to the minimum required by state law
Worcester 100% Green (option)
100% from premium renewable sources in New England
Program price ($/kWh) $0.25632 $0.27491
Monthly electricity supply charges ($/month)

Your Environmental Impact

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided in one year compared to National Grid's Basic Service (lbs/year)
This is the same as driving this many fewer miles in one year

Compare to National Grid's average Basic Service prices

The table below provides a comparison between Worcester's current prices and the most recent 12-month average of National Grid's Basic Service prices.

Because National Grid’s fixed Basic Service prices change so frequently (every 6 months for residential and commercial accounts and every 3 months for industrial accounts), using an average price provides the most accurate comparison.

However, if you wish to know National Grid's current 6-month price, please visit the Prices page or visit National Grid's Supply Costs web page and scroll down to Basic Service Rates.

Residential Commercial Industrial
The most recent 12-month average National Grid price ($/kWh) $0.24003 $0.22840 $0.18425
Monthly electricity supply charges ($/month)


Note: This calculator calculates equivalencies using information provided by the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. Greenhouse gas emissions avoided are calculating using the most recently available Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) emissions factor.


Savings cannot be guaranteed

Please note that, while the Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program seeks to provide a price that is equal to or lower than National Grid’s average Basic Service prices, there is no guarantee of savings compared with National Grid’s Basic Service prices because future National Grid prices are unknown.