Get premium green electricity at a fair, reliable price.

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Energy costs are skyrocketing this winter. But you can gain control of your electricity bills and go green at the same time! As a Worcester resident, you can opt to purchase your electricity supply through our Green Worcester ElectriCITY Municipal Aggregation Program, now in its fourth year. It’s like purchasing your electricity supply from a warehouse club—the City purchases premium renewable energy sources in bulk and passes on any potential savings to you.

Green Worcester ElectriCITY offers price stability for the contract year. However, since National Grid’s prices will change and future prices are unknown, our aggregation program cannot guarantee savings beyond April 2023, at present. You may opt out of the program at any time, without penalty.

How much can I save this winter?

While all energy supply costs are increasing due to global conflicts and inflation, you will still save on your monthly electric bill this winter compared to market supply rates. You can choose from two options:

Worcester Standard Green (52% from premium renewable sources—MA Class I RECs)

  • 25.632¢/kWh (December – July 2023)
  • 16.912¢/kWh (August-December 2023)

Worcester 100% Green (100% from premium renewable sources – MA Class I RECs)

  • 27.491¢/kWh. (December – July 2023)
  • 18.763¢/kWh (August-December 2023)

National Grid’s residential Basic Service supply price from November – April 2023 is 33.891¢/kWh. Pricing beyond April is not yet set and will vary with the market. By contrast, prices for the Worcester Aggregation program have been set for the 2023 contract year. See a detailed price comparison here.

Am I already in the program?

Check the Supply Services section of your recent National Grid bill. If “Green Worc ElectriCITY Aggregation Prog” is listed as your electricity supplier, you’re all set. Once you’re in our program, there’s no need to do anything, unless you choose to opt out.

How green is the electricity supply?

Worcester Standard Green is the default option, but you may upgrade to Worcester 100% Green at any time. Whichever option you choose, more than half your electricity will come from locally produced, renewable energy. Our contract with Direct Energy more than doubles the state required minimum of 22 percent from premium renewable energy sources in New England. And we’ve done a thorough vetting process to ensure that the supply meets our standards and comes from reliable sources. If you select the 100% Green option, all of your electricity will come from regional premium renewable energy sources.

What if I change my mind and want to go with another supplier?

No problem! You can opt out of the program at any time, with no penalty. You can also rejoin Green Worcester ElectriCITY’s power supply at any time. Please note, however, depending on market conditions, if you rejoin the program at a later date, the program price is no longer guaranteed, and you may be charged a different price than current Green Worcester ElectriCITY customers.

If I participate, what stays the same?

National Grid is still your electric utility. They will continue to deliver your electricity, be responsible for managing power outages, and bill you. Your National Grid invoice is the only electricity bill you’ll receive, and it will include supply charges for Green Worcester ElectriCITY.

So, why should I participate in the Green Worcester ElectriCITY Municipal 
Aggregation Program?

  • More than half to 100 percent of your electricity comes from guaranteed, vetted, regional, premium
    renewable energy sources.
  • No surprises in your electricity bill. Rates remain fixed for the contract year.
  • Save money this winter on electricity use—a big advantage if you rely on heat pumps or electric
    baseboards for heat.
  • Opt out at any time with no penalty.

Calculate your potential savings here.