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The City of Worcester has developed a group electricity purchasing program for electricity customers in Worcester, which allows the city to take a big step forward toward its sustainability goals and offers a City alternative to the many confusing electricity supply offers in the marketplace.

The program provides Worcester residents and businesses with more renewable electricity than National Grid provides, but at a similar yearly cost. The program also provides an option for those who want 100% renewable electricity.

The program has the potential to provide savings when compared with National Grid’s Basic Service price, but savings cannot be guaranteed because National Grid’s prices change, and their future prices are not known.

Program goals

  1. Reduce Worcester’s carbon footprint: The program integrates additional renewable energy into the aggregated electricity supply above the state-required minimum.
  2. Provide stable prices: The program provides a fixed price for electricity supply over a period of time that is typically longer than that of National Grid’s Basic Service, where the price changes every six months or less. This also makes the program different from many commercial electricity supply offers in the market place.
  3. Protect consumers: The competitive procurement process ensures a City-vetted alternative to commercial electricity supply offers that you may be receiving in the mail or by phone. There are no hidden costs or other hidden provisions and you may leave the program at any time.

One of the most affordable ways to reduce your carbon footprint

The Worcester Community Choice Aggregation offers two clean electricity choices that give you greater control over the environmental characteristics and price of your electricity supply:

  • Standard Green – The default program offering and provides a total of 40% of your electricity from premium renewable sources in New England for 11.442 ¢/kWh.
  • 100% Green – An option that provides all of your electricity from premium renewable sources in New England for 14.031 ¢/kWh.

By participating in either option, you will reduce your personal carbon footprint and help to reduce the community’s carbon footprint as well. You will also help to drive the development of new renewable energy projects in New England by building a stronger market for the electricity generated by those projects.

Both program options will purchase renewable electricity from New England-based renewable energy projects.

Opt up to 100% Green online or call Worcester’s program consultants at 1-833-926-1207
Learn more about program options and prices


All new electricity accounts in Worcester will be automatically enrolled in the Worcester Community Choice Aggregation program, unless they choose to opt out (participation is not required, and you may opt out at any time with no fee or penalty). If you are not enrolled and wish to participate, you may enroll online or with a phone call. Learn about enrolling.

Compare the cost

Use this online calculator to compare the Worcester Community Choice Aggregation program prices with the most recent 12-month average of National Grid’s Basic Service prices and see the greenhouse gas emissions impact of opting up to the Worcester 100% Green option. Or compare Worcester’s prices with the current 6-month National Grid price.

How it works

A municipal electricity aggregation is a group electricity purchasing program. Participating in the Worcester Community Choice Aggregation program will change your electricity supplier and the price National Grid uses to calculate the supply services charge portion of your electricity bill, but participating will not replace National Grid as your electric utility. Learn more about how aggregation works.

Diagram showing electricity supplier, utility, and the city of Worcester

Example National Grid bill

The Worcester Community Choice Aggregation is integrated into your existing National Grid electricity bill. You can use your National Grid bill to learn if you are enrolled in the program and in which Worcester Community Choice Aggregation program option you are enrolled.

View an example National Grid bill

Savings cannot be guaranteed

Please note that, while the Worcester Community Choice Electricity Aggregation seeks to provide a price that is equal to or lower than National Grid’s average Basic Service price, there is no guarantee of savings compared with National Grid’s Basic Service price because future National Grid prices are unknown.

Protect yourself

If you receive mail about an electricity offer, read it carefully before signing anything.

If you do not see the Worcester Community Choice Aggregation name and the Worcester City seal, the offer is NOT from the Worcester Community Choice Aggregation program.

Also, please remember, National Grid will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electricity bill. National Grid communicates in writing, and their correspondence always bears their logo. If someone calls claiming to be from National Grid, they are not. They are from a private company trying to get your business.