Tax-exempt accounts

Tax-exempt accounts that wish to maintain their tax-exempt status in the Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program must submit tax-exemption documentation to the program’s electricity supplier.

This means that tax-exemption documentation must be submitted each time the program’s electricity supplier changes.

The program’s electricity supplier is required by the State of Massachusetts to have valid tax-exemption documentation on hand for all tax-exempt accounts.

You may have submitted tax-exemption documentation to National Grid already, but National Grid does not share this documentation with the program’s electricity supplier. It is the customer’s responsibility to submit this documentation.

Where to submit your forms

The current electricity supplier for the Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program is Direct Energy. Tax-exempt organizations should send a copy of their tax-exemption documentation to Direct Energy with a copy to the City’s program consultants. Documentation may be sent via email or US mail.

Please be sure to write your National Grid electricity account number on all documentation submitted:

Via email: 

Via US mail: 

Direct Energy
P.O. Box 180
Tulsa, OK 74101-0180
ATTN: USN Tax Exemption Dept.