The Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program includes two options.

  • Worcester Standard Green (default / automatic enrollment): New participants will be automatically enrolled in Worcester Standard Green and receive an additional 40% of their electricity from new renewable energy resources in the New England region, in addition to the minimum required by law.
  • Worcester 100% Green (option available by request): Worcester 100% Green lets you choose 100% renewable energy and also make a local impact. Not only do you receive 100% of your electricity from new renewable energy resources, you also receive all of your electricity from within the New England region. Your choice helps to build demand for more renewable energy on our local power grid, which helps to green our grid.

See an example National Grid bill to see where the program appears on your bill.

Use the online calculator to compare Worcester’s prices with National Grid’s most recent 12-month average Basic Service prices.


Worcester Standard Green

An additional 40% renewable electricity (automatic enrollment)

Worcester 100% Green

100% renewable electricity** (option available by request)

National Grid's Basic Service

(If you opt out)
Prices 16.31 ¢/kWh* 17.73 ¢/kWh* 18.213 ¢/kWh - residential
17.262 ¢/kWh - commercial
10.243 ¢/kWh - industrial
Price period December 2023 - December 2025 December 2023 - December 2025 November 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024, residential & commercial. May 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024, industrial.
Renewable energy** 2023 2024 2025 2023 2024 2025 2023 2024 2025
From new resources in the New England region (MA Class I RECs)
Added by Worcester 40% 40% 40% 78% 76% 73% - - -
Required by state law 22% 24% 27% 22% 24% 27% 22% 24% 27%
Total from new resources in the New England region (MA Class I RECs) 62% 64% 67% 100% 100% 100% 22% 24% 27%
From other clean or renewable sources required by state law** 37% 38% 36% 37% 38% 36% 37% 38% 36%
Exit terms Leave any time. No exit charge. Leave any time. No exit charge. Leave any time. No exit charge. However, industrial customers may receive a billing adjustment charge or credit.

* Program prices include a $0.00075/kWh administrative fee and a $0.001/kWh operational fee that will support aggregation program management and energy initiatives in the City of Worcester. Program prices could increase as a result of a change in law that results in a direct, material increase in costs during the term of the electricity supply agreement. Some large commercial accounts may not be eligible for program pricing at the time of enrollment and may instead be offered market pricing. Visit the FAQ page for more information.

** The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all electricity supply products include a minimum of 59% from renewable energy resources in 2023, 62% in 2024, and 63% in 2025. Worcester Standard Green and Worcester 100% Green exceed this requirement. These requirements include both new (MA Class I) renewable energy sources in the New England region (such as solar and wind) and also additional renewable energy from other sources, such as biodigesters, wood, landfill gas burning, and more. These additional renewable energy sources are either not zero emissions, not renewable, or not new, and therefore do not help to encourage the development of new, local solar and wind energy production. Because renewable energy must be purchased from these other energy sources in addition to the renewable energy purchased from new regional (MA Class I) renewable energy sources, the renewable content for the Worcester Standard Green option and the Worcester 100% Green option exceeds 100%.

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Savings cannot be guaranteed

Please note that, while the Green Worcester ElectriCITY Aggregation Program seeks to provide a price that is equal to or lower than National Grid’s average Basic Service prices, there is no guarantee of savings compared with National Grid’s Basic Service prices because future National Grid prices are unknown.